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JRA Bid Results

 JRA Bid Results ‭[2]‬

collapse Year : 2021 ‎(3)
5/12/2021411 KB
Bid Tabulation NSHR 195.88.pdf
6/15/202129 KB
11/11/2021435 KB
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(9)
Bid Results Tally for West Park Track RFAP at Marlette.pdf
1/26/2018270 KB
Bid Results FQT Multimodal ROADWAY portion.pdf
4/4/201879 KB
First Quality Multimodal Rail Portion bid results March 2018.pdf
4/4/2018430 KB
Bid Results Allenwood Snow Fence.pdf
4/13/2018256 KB
Bid Results Beaver Dam.pdf
4/13/2018266 KB
Bid Results Contract JRA2018-02.pdf
4/13/2018261 KB
Bid Results Switch Stands.pdf
4/13/2018277 KB
Bid Results Tree Trimming Lewistown.pdf
4/13/2018276 KB
Bid Results Wayside Greaser.pdf
4/13/2018251 KB
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(2)
NBER, Bellefonte Branch, Bridge 30.95 Emergency Repairs.pdf
7/19/2017436 KB
NSHR RTAP Bridge 194.07 - Replacement.pdf
7/19/2017355 KB
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(2)
LVRR 2015-07 - Bid Tabulation.xls
2/5/201676 KB
Bid Results for Rumberger Engine House Upgrades.pdf
4/4/2016203 KB
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(7)
SVRR_Race and Walnut Streets Reconstruction.pdf
9/8/201553 KB
NSHR_Bloomsburg Flood Closure.pdf
9/8/201549 KB
SVRR_Independence Street Reconstruction.pdf
9/8/201553 KB
JVRR_North Yards Brush Clearing.pdf
9/8/201511 KB
JVRR_Expansion Drive Grade Crossing Rehab.pdf
9/8/20151621 KB
SVRR_Market_Water St Parking Lot Garde Crossing.pdf
9/8/20151300 KB
NBER_Pleasant Gap Yard Construction.pdf
9/8/201524 KB
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(1)
SR322 Bid Results May 13 2014.pdf
5/16/201458 KB
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(6)
Brush Cutting Bid Results.pdf
2/26/20137086 KB
Bid Results Loyalsock Creek Bridge.pdf
6/27/201357 KB
Bid Results_Scrap Gondola.pdf
7/2/201335 KB
Bid Results - Vail Access Roadway Construction_October 3_2013.doc
10/4/201340 KB
Bid Results NBER Vail Access Roadway Construction.pdf
10/7/201398 KB
Bid Results_Siding Track Rehabilitation NBER.pdf
10/7/2013138 KB

 JRA Bid Results ‭[1]‬


Bid 2013 RTAP - NBER Bridge #'s 0.05, 0.24 and 0.27 Repairs 

JVRR Expansion Drive Grade Crossing Rehabilitation

SVRR Water Street Parking Lot Grade Crossing Construction

PGIT 2015-01 - Bid Tabulation.pdf

2014 JVRR - North Yards Brush Cleaning

2013 RTAP NBER Bridges 24.68_25.75_32.11_33.84 Repairs.pdf

2013 RTAP NBER Bridges ).05_0.24_0.27 Repairs.pdf

2013 RTAP JVRR Bridge 0.46 Rehabilitation.pdf

The SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority received two bids for purchase of a used 2013 or 2014 Ford Taurus.  Lake Ford of Lewistown was the low bidder at $23,500 for a Taurus with 2,000 miles.  The other bid was from Sunbury Motors at $25,777. 

Bid Tally Sale of 2009 Ford Taurus.pdf

JVRR West Park Branch Track Rehabilitation  

White Deer Washout & Leiser Road Culvert Bid:

Unionville Drainage Bid: Only one bid was received for the Unionville Drainage Project. The bid received was from Harger Utility Contractors in Lock Haven, PA at $31,840.00.

Carbon Run Bridges Emergency Repairs:

 Central Pennsylvania Railroad Expansion Project, Jubelirer Business Park:

Central Pennsylvania Railroad Expansion Project, Point Township Terminal:

JVRR Route 322 Grade Crossing - Brush Cutting:Brush Cutting Bid Results.pdf

Bloomsburg Rail Scale Bid Results:  Bloom Rail Scale Bid Results.pdf

Bloomsburg Rail Scale Scrap Bin Bid Results:  Bloomsburg Rail Scale Scrap Bin Bid Results.pdf

 G.O. Hawbaker TIGER II Industrial Track Construction and Industrial Site Improvements Bid Results:  Hawbaker TIGER II Bid Results.pdf

TIGER II White Deer Bridge Construction/Talleyrand Bridge Repairs Bid Results:  White Deer Bridge_Talleyrand Bridge Bid Results.pdf

Bid Results Loyalsock Creek Bridge.pdf

BId Results for Scrap Gondola and contents located in Lewistown Yard

Bid Results - Vail Access Roadway Construction_October 3_2013.doc

Bid Results - NBER Bellefonte Branch, Siding Track Rehabilitation

LV Washout Repairs Project Bid  Results 030514.pdfBid Tabluation and Schedule  Hepburn Street Trailhead.pdfHepburn Project Bid  Results 030514.pdfAnnouncement of Award Signals.pdfSR322 Bid Results May 13 2014.pdfSR322 Bid Results May 13 2014.pdfSVRR Market Street Water Street Parking Bid Tally March 10 2015.jpg